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Why Publish on Prototypr?

Together we can create a more open,fair, and inclusive web for designers and developers

By Graeme
October 4, 2022

Be part of a change - together we can create a more open,fair, and inclusive web for designers and developers! Have you noticed, there's been a rise in paywalls and invasive ads on the web? Traditionally, blogs in the design industry were openly accessible for anyone to read. However, throughout 2016 to today, there's been a rise in centralised publishing platforms that optimise for paywalled business models, which also prioritise English language and Western culture, thereby restricting access to free learning and limiting its availability around the world.

Our open source project aims to bring back and build upon aspects of an accessible web. We’re developing Prototypr as an inclusive Web Monetized publishing platform for designers, that rewards contributors whilst democratising design education by providing openly accessible, quality content across different cultures. By publishing with us, you'll get all of this:

  • 🌐 Change the web: No paywalls. Privacy-first, and built for people of different ability and backgrounds.

  • Earn recognition: Your work will be distributed via our newsletters - we have a large following who also receive a selection of the best content bi-weekly via our curated newsletter; if your article hits all the high notes, your literary masterpiece might be slipped in and read by a further 50,000 humans. Your work deserves to be seen - consider us your personal plinth.

  • ✍️ Editing assistance: Prototypr editors aim to help you improve the quality of your articles to deliver quality content to our readers. These professionals have years of experience in helping to shape people’s content to ensure effective delivery. It’s your boat, we’re just rigging it to make sure its voyage is as smooth as possible. We will also source images relevant to your piece, saving you plenty of time and a potential copyright lawsuit.

  • Reach a wider audience: the new Prototypr platform is built to reach and support people of different abilities and cultures. Internationalisation is now built into the core of Prototypr, and we're working on translating the best articles to reach other audiences, starting with Spanish.

  • Web Monetization: Free, unbiased, and quality design material is increasingly hard to come by with the rise in paywalls and privacy-invasive ads. The Open Source, Web Monetized Prototypr platform explores an alternative model that keeps the web open to readers, whilst rewarding writers.

And if that’s not enough to wet your whistle, we'll soon be ramping up our new and improved platform with improved author showcase pages and interviews to show off your work. More exposure = more engagements = more tuckshop money for you. Winner.